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My Story

How I Started...

I am a very busy mum of 4 young children. I worked full time until baby number 4 came along, then i decided to stay home with my children so I could be there for them and be able to spend time with them. Whilst being at home I decided to nurture a passion that I have had for many years ... photography.

When baby 4 was born I thought I would give newborn photography a try and see how I liked it. I LOVED every minute of it and then begun to photograph family and friends' newborns. I would also photograph my kids and my passion for the art grew.

I researched and taught myself all about editing and photography and practiced as much as I could!

I have now pushed myself to start up a business doing what I love.

Now I can do something that I enjoy and am passionate about, but also be able to be home with the people I love.

Captured Moments By Alisa